we do provide internet and cctv installation in eldoret

 We provide free internet installation within Eldoret and earn up to 50%  for every referral you make on a monthly basis for a lifetime. We pride ourselves to being the best internet providers and CCTV Installation in Eldoret

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Free Standard Installation

We Provide Free Internet Installation In Eldoret

18 Month Price Guarantee

No price change for up to 18 months since the first day of installation

Not Data Limits

No data capping. Use internet upto your own limits

Your #1 Choice For Fiber Internet

We guarantee super fast speeds for more than the family can use

No Contract

Up to 175mbps

Hardware Included

Unlimited Data, Talking, & Texting 

No More buffering download stuff faster than you need it

  • Get up to 100 mbps download
  • The fastest, most reliable service in the market today
  • Always connected – your fibre straight to your house – no interference, no “broken” signal


Most Internet provider In Eldoret

We have won hearts of our client by providing fast reliable internet to our clients at affordable rates within Eldoret and its environs

Working From Home

Listetening To Music


Video Streaming

Social Networking

Get The Correct Security Camera Installed 


Secure Your Home Now

No More Security Threats

  • We offer professional high-quality CCTV security systems installation and repair services. Our CCTV experts are comprised of software and hardware engineers


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Best CCTV Installation In Eldoret

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“Eldonet is the best internet provider in Eldoret with fast reliable internet

Customer Since 2014

Eldonet has been providing fast reliable internet to our company. I highly recommend their services

Customer Since 2015

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