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 Popular Topics

Are there data limits?

No, All our internet usage is uncapped for all our clients.Data limits are restrictions that an Internet service provider may place on your Internet usage

Will you throttle my speeds

Although most Internet providers may advertise no data limits, if you read the fine print or inquire further, you might learn that they will slow down or throttle your speeds when you pass your soft data limit. At Eldonet we don’t throttle clients speeds

What are my speed options?

Your Internet usage will determine which speed will be best for your home or business. The number of devices, amount of streaming and downloading will all factor into the speed that you will need. For reference, Netflix recommends an Internet download speed of at least 5 Mbps to stream HD videos.

Are you offering any special or promotions?

At the moment we are doing installation at 7500 which will last for three months and you will also receive internet for three months unpaid

Can I provide my own router/equipment?

Yes you can provide your own equipment. For customers with a litebeam they will only pay for the first month of subscription

Who will install the equipment?

We do have trained personnel for internet and cctv installation

What additional fees can I expect?

There are no additional cost to the customer

What happens when there is a problem with my Internet connection?

Unfortunately, occasional Internet issues are inevitable. When they do, what is the process to notify the provider?Kindly use 0712653832 to notify us for any issues you are having

Is there a contract?

Yes we do provide contacts

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