In the digital age, internet connectivity has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s the backbone of modern communication, education, and business. In Eldoret, a city located in western Kenya, one local Internet Service Provider (ISP) is making waves in revolutionizing internet connectivity: EldoNet.

A Game-Changing ISP

EldoNet, with speeds of up to 175 Mbps, is a game-changer ISP in the region. They provide unlimited, buffer-free packages that are ideal for surfing, making calls, and sending SMS. This high-speed internet service is transforming the way residents of Eldoret interact with the digital world.

Enhancing Access to Digital Tools

EldoNet’s high-speed internet allows for real-time video conferencing. This means that individuals can now participate in live online classes, engage with their teachers and peers, and get immediate feedback on their work. This not only enhances access to education but also provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their digital skills.

Supporting Local Institutions

EldoNet’s impact extends beyond individual learners. Local educational institutions also benefit from their services. Schools and colleges can now integrate digital tools into their teaching methods, making learning more engaging and effective. Furthermore, these institutions can leverage EldoNet’s reliable internet services to expand their reach through online courses and programs.


EldoNet’s contribution to revolutionizing internet connectivity in Eldoret is commendable. By providing reliable and high-speed internet services, they are not only enhancing access to digital resources but also promoting digital literacy and supporting local institutions.

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